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Latest Blog Entries from Film Connection Students

Ryan Rusch

RR 2nd Lesson Posted by Ryan Rusch on 2017-03-29

I really enjoyed going through film history a great way to understand the logistics of the smaller things and where different film techniques originated and why... Read More >>

Alex Bunch

Posted by Alex Bunch on 2017-03-28

I've set up my youtube account, but i need to start saving up money for a camera and desktop I have been working on ideas of funny videos just need to put them on paper my mentor frequently goes out of town for business so somtimes I go a while without doing any actual work  He is going out of town soon again so I dont know really how long thats going to be Read More >>

Cecelia Sayler

Chapter 21Posted by Cecelia Sayler on 2017-03-28

Date of session: 3/ 26/17 Time in: 2:25 Time out: 3:25 Lesson number : 21   It is very sad to see this year come to an end just because I had so much fun learning so many different things and meeting lots of great people along the way... Read More >>