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Latest Blog Entries from Film Connection Students

Sabrina Coppola

Lesson 2Posted by Sabrina Coppola on 2018-04-22

Date: April 17, 2018 Time in: 6:00 PM Time out: 8:00 PM Lesson#: 2 This lesson was solo and short due to my schedule, so we looked up jobs and their descriptions to learn terms per my request and also to set goals for future lessons... Read More >>

Tonea Melvin

Getting StartedPosted by Tonea Melvin on 2018-04-20

First of all...Introduction!! Hello everyone. My name is Tonea, but everyone calls me Toni. I am 23 years old and I live in New York City with my girlfriend Ariana (Ari) and our 2 year-old cat Mr... Read More >>

Adam Lepore

UpdatePosted by Adam Lepore on 2018-04-18

Been pretty busy lately my mentor held a camera day to go over different cameras and lighting then last week I got to be a lighting PA for a second city works shoot... Read More >>