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Premiere Pro Posted on 2017-10-11 by Zahkia Morgan

im super stoked to get ready to learn more editing from my own home. Lately I've been sitting and watching my mentor create vlogs using Adobe Preimere, so since my book has not made it I get to use his and work on things at home. I also took time to go over chapter 5. Which was pretty awesome because we went over what each person does on a film production team. Which is way more than expected!!! 

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Zahkia Morgan

Learning by Faliure Posted by Zahkia Morgan on 2017-10-13

1-5pm Friday 10/13/17 Today was reallly productive, and very interesting. My mentor taught me so much and it was fun because it was on things not to do based on what someone already did! We edited a video that another person shot and tried to edit for a commercial for another company... Read More >>