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Jason Clay

2017 GoalsPosted by Jason Clay on 2017-01-14

Happy New Year!      Editing has been going well so far. I have been working on putting a still cartoon together about Cavemen in the wild... Read More >>

Jason Clay

EditingPosted by Jason Clay on 2016-12-19

So far the editing has been a bit challenging there is so much to learn, but im willing to put in the time in order to be good at it... Read More >>

Jason Clay

All Souls EventPosted by Jason Clay on 2016-11-09

This past weekend was great. Was part of filming a parade in Tucson, AZ called the All Souls Event. Different Culters from all over the world gather and celeabrate the Dead... Read More >>

Jason Clay

EditingPosted by Jason Clay on 2016-10-27

Learning all the tricks to Editing is alot and cant be learned over night. Right now learning how to adjust sound in an edit, like erasing small sounds in the edit so the film will have a professional sound... Read More >>