Daren FreaseAustin Film Connection

Major: Cinematographer/writer

I'm interning at a production company called: Moth To Flame.

I have experince filming promotional videos, working with dslr, and 7d, camera's. I've worked a lot with lighting scene's, filming scene's, and I've learned a little bit about how to record sound for scene's.

I've had the opportunity to be on set as a P.A. for three days of a full film, as well as be on set for three to four days of a t.v. series that was recently shot. Being a P.A. on those shoots has given me a lot of experience on how movies and t.v. series are out together, shot, and all planned out. I've also been on many other film shoots with my mentors production company: MothToFlame. 

I also have experience edting with adobe premier pro. I can use the software very well. I'm also pretty good at coloring with that software.

And now, I have experience with writing screenplays. I know how to plan a screenplay out, by sequencing the entire thing, as well as how to properly wirte a screenplay, with four acts, from beginning to end.


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