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Writing and filming. Posted on 2016-03-03 by Daren Frease

O.k. I haven't written a blog post in a really long time. I just finished writing my screenplay today.  For most of this time, since my last blog post I've been working consistently on that. It came out well, and I'm happy with the story I wrote. Now, I need to write the second draft. Also, I probably will end up writing more scene's in Act 4, I just can't decide on my ending yet. I have an ending, but I might add a few more scene's and make another ending.

     Other than that, I went on a film shoot, where they were filming a t.v. series called: Dream Nation. That was incredible. My favorite part of that was just seeing it all. I loved seing how it was filmed, how the actors, and actresses prepared for it, and all the different locations. It was a hell of an experience. I couldn't see a lot  of the filming, but I kind of saw how it was set up. I also liked paying attention to how everyone worked together, and planned everything. It was quite an experience, just seeing all of the crew members, and what they did.

Next is to either write the other ending into my screenplay, or write my second draft. I've loved writing the screenplay. It's been a lot of fun to just create my own story, and bring it to life on paper.


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