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Writing, and thinking about what job I'm going to do. Posted on 2015-12-14 by Daren Frease

Well, this week I've really been working on my screenplay. I have to have the entire screenplay written to do the next chapter in the text book course, and the next thing to complete in the stay connected corriculum, is apply to jobs, and I'm not sure what type of job I'm going to do, let alone set on a specific job in the industry. I mean I'm thinking of 2 different jobs, but I just don't feel ready to apply yet. We'll see how that goes.

     The biggest challenge I'm having with my screenplay is I need to learn how to write what the scene looks like. As my screenwriting mentor keeps saying, I have to write for the screen, not for the page. I need to write what happens more visually. I'm getting there. Writting the screenplay has been a lot of fun, and I've learned a lot.

     I won't have any film shoots until after the hollidays, so that's what I've been up too.

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