There is no disputing that Los Angeles, California (and Hollywood in particular) is the worldwide hub of the film industry, with hundreds of films being produced there every year. But the film industry is also active in other places in California, as well, with production companies and indie filmmakers shooting on location throughout the state. From big-name Los Angeles studios like Universal and Fox to special effects facilities like George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic in San Francisco, California offers more opportunities for filmmakers than any other place in the world.

The people featured on this page are all highly skilled film professionals who received state-of-the-art training as students of the Film Connection Film Institute. Each of these talented individuals was personally mentored and trained in real film production facilities by some of the most experienced and seasoned professionals working in the film industry today. Please look over the individual websites of these individuals to see what services they offer.

The Film Connection trains each of its students by placing them in real film production facilities throughout California. If you'd like more information about the benefits of attending the Film Connection yourself, please click here.

Latest Blog Entries from California Film Connection Students

Andy Do

Intro to GenrePosted by Andy Do on 2018-07-17

After a long day, get to have a chance to sit down and finished all chapter One assignments. wrote a one page on goals and achievement must have for this program... Read More >>

Andy Do

IntroductionPosted by Andy Do on 2018-07-16

Day one- July 16, 2018 Had a very interesting and helpful introduction about Film connection's ebook. Took my first quiz and found my learning style, auditory/visual... Read More >>

Abdallah Mohsen Mohamed

Blog 01Posted by Abdallah Mohsen Mohamed on 2018-07-11

I am not used to writing blogs but I just  remembered that I promised my advisor that I should write in this blog after meeting my mentor, so here we go I’m currently working with Mark Moore in his studio “justneeds2” so far I have attended one cosmetic commercial and a music video for a Latin artist, the studio experience is very interesting, dealing and seeing all these equipments and machines in action is great, also seeing live crew working on live project is added value experience (I’m just hoping to attend a shooting fort a tv shows or a movie soon at the end this is what we signed up for J) I have also met one of our colleagues Rajee from Pakistan and I tried my best to explain the whole process in addition to some info on our online curriculum and advised him to get in contact with his student advisor so he can move forward... Read More >>