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CHAPTER 3 Posted on 2017-11-18 by Landon Sorenson

     The first time going through the 3rd chapter was almost like a Charlie Brown conversation with the parents on the phone. (*WAH WUH WAH WAH WUH WUH*) Very hard to piece these examples and formulas together. I felt like I was re-reading every sentence to try and see this all form in my head. But I will certainly need to have a specific way to read these formulas or at least understand how they really work. After going back to some of the formulas since I had no clue what was going on I am starting to unravel them one by one. I should get them in my head as long as I have a computer or screen in front of me to see what is being affected. As long as I have the equations in my head I will understand how they work together and what they do, For now I am unable to explain what they truly mean until I have mastered or experimented with the progress. What I did learn was mostly about the different samplers, interphases, and sequencers and what they do. I have one MIDI controller, AKAI MIDI mini 2. It can play any of the sounds you program it to. So this would fall under the sampler category. I have yet to experience sequencers and what they are fully capable of. Mostly learned about what mp3s and different audio sources or files are called, how audio converts to digital (ADC) and digital back out to audio (DAC), etc. ProTools was minorly introduced and showed all the digital recorders from day one, Until there are some hands on testing that is about it to my knowledge. 


 DATE: 11/18/17

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