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CH.4 Posted on 2017-11-25 by Landon Sorenson

     Connections were the main talk about this chapter. I learned how patchbays are used, multiple different cables, the purpose they serve as well as the wires and everything in between. Patchbays serve as a storage unit for all analog audio connections and also dictate the signal flow of the studio as well. There are three main types of patchbays, TRS, XLR, and RCA. These apply to the different types of cables that plug in to these patchbays. Every instrument or piece of the song will be recorded from the source to the patchbay, back to the speakers and back to you. All of these signals will be connected to the patchbay This is pretty much one of the main parts of the studio. The types of patchbays are the types of cables that plug in to the patchbay. We have many different pieces, wires, and ends to these cables or connectors. These all plug in and are used for different purposes. The last chapter was pretty basic about connections and how they work. I am excited to know what and how to deal with these in the future. I am ready to learn hands on and apply my book knowledge with all of this. 

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