Abdallah Mohsen MohamedCalifornia Film Connection

Major: Writing and Directing

I am an ex Banker who decided to drop the banking career to shift and start a new career in the movies industry.

I am from Egypt, i am very passionate about the movies industry (and tv shows) 

My main interests are writting, directing and photography

I have a decent exposure to US, UK, Arabic and turkish movies and tv shows



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Abdallah Mohsen Mohamed

Studio visit, october 26Posted by Abdallah Mohsen Mohamed on 2018-10-26

I went to the studio today as per my mentor's advice for Three video shootings that were suppose to happen at his studio,  when i reached the studio in Burbank, i called my mentor who has informed me that they don't need my help this week and the studio was closed I thanked my mentor and hanged up, i will not be disappointed by this or the previous experiences im keeping up the positive attitude  Read More >>