Brett WilsonCalifornia Film Connection

Major: Cinematography and General Film Production

Being born and raised in Southern California has afforded me opportunities to film a variety of things. While going to school with the Film Connection, I currently work for Deft Family filming and editing Moto riders. I also enjoy working with mountain biking, cars, wakeboarding, surf, skating, and basically filming anything outdoors. I love variety.

During my internship I am having a blast filming for the new show The Block (San Diego Edition). I have met so many interesting people while filming this show. It has also expanded my porfolio to include filming interviews.

My favorite part of my major is the freedom I have to be creative and the new experiences I encounter daily. Each day is unique and film allows me to see the world in a new way. 

Previously I worked with Final Cut Pro for editing, but my mentor, Andrew, at EQCulture has taught me how to tranisition into Adobe Premier. My customers are always pleased with my editing skills because they feel my song choices match the film perfectly. I also have an eye for syncing the music to the actions. I look forward to a fulfilling career in filming and editing.

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