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Major: Directing

I've been telling stories since I could talk, and I've been writing them since I could hold a pencil or type with a keyboard. I feel like I was put here on Earth to tell stories, to entertain and amuse myself and others with my creativity and imagination. I guess you could say I'm a storyteller at heart.

I became interested in fillmmaking when I was still in middle school, and I've always dreamed of turning my ideas and stories in to real movies, just like I see them playing out in my mind as I work on them in my spare time.

Graduating high school, I took a year of digital classes at Century College in Minnesota, but soon found that that their digital media program as too broad and too traditionally academic for my tastes. The next year, I switched schools, deciding to attend Minnesota School of Business's digital filmmaking program, in hopes of finding a more focused, hands-on filmmaking program. The program turned out to be much closer to what I was looking for, but still not quite enough so to keep me fully engaged and motivated.

Due to a number personal cercumstances, I found myself living out in northern California after that one year at Minnesota School of Business. Still as interested in filmmking as ever, I eventually began to get my feet under me again and started looking for filmmaking programs in the Bay Area. I quickly stumbled across the Film Connection website, and knew almost immediately that this kind of hands-on, one-on-one apprenticeship program with real industry professionals was definitely something I could really sink my teeth into and enjoy.

A month later, and I'm already on track with the program, and enjoying every minute of it.

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Connor Saxe

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