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Day 4 & 5 with Guerilla Wanderers ( April 17th & 27th, 2016) Posted on 2016-05-10 by Hannibal Luz

I experienced operating new equipment today; a massive contraption called the jib. It was a pain to assemble (an interesting learning experience), but rewarding nonetheless. Due to the jib, we were able to achieve shot that were hard to pull off with a dolly or handheld. The wide shots that we got were just what we needed. And the high angle shots were pretty neat. It took me a bit of time to get the hang of operating it, since it was my first time. But after several goes, everything went well. 

I'm getting more and more familiar with the equipment, knowing what we need for a certain shot. It was a hands-on day for me, which was fun. Aside from the usual loading and unloading of equipment and assembling the gear; I was operating the jib, prepping the meal props, doing a bit of background acting, and getting the set ready (blocking out windows, arranging chairs and tables, etc.). 

We were on a bit of a time crunch since our location was a fancy restaurant, and that we only had until 4PM to shoot before we needed to clean up and let the restaurant open for business. And, hey, we made it. People sure do move fast when they need to. 

After the restaurant, we moved to another location and continued our shoot there.

I have to say, being from a third world country really helps sometimes. There were a lot of moments when people needed something to be done and couldn't do them because they didn't have the proper equipment. They couldn't think of what else to do. For me, thinking of an alternative to anything (anything I know of, anyway) comes naturally. It's not anything too devastating. They were simple enough problems, but big enough that if they weren't done, the shoot would have been delayed, or the props would have been accidentally destroyed. The times when I can take care of such problems leave me feeling good about myself because it means that I was able to save time for everybody. 


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