Michael FosterCalifornia Film Connection


Michael Foster began his career at 19 years old working at a local movie theater in Calabasas, California. Slated to go into corporate management, he took a different direction when joking around with a fellow projectionist about comedy in the workplace.

Since the early days of threading films for moviegoers, Michael has shot, edited, produced, and directed countless documentaries, short films, music videos, webisodes, and experimental, award-winning content -- in 2015 Michael was a contributing editor on Peter Hyoguchi's narrative feature "More To Love" starring Chris Bonno. His personal documentary entitled "Father and Family" has been acclaimed for it's honesty and raw presentation, which can be watched online for free. Michael Foster's work has been seen at 2014 Newport Beach Film Festival, 2014 Seattle International Film Festival, 2015 San Diego Film Festival, and 2011's Burbank International Film Festival winning Best in Show for "Runyon: Just Above Sunset", an Eddie Pepitone Funny or Die web series which Michael edited and produced. His largest documentary project, "Trace Amounts", was praised and tweeted about by Jim Carrey, Alicia Silverstone, Cindy Crawford, Bill Maher, Robert Kennedy Jr. and currently is available for purchase and download at traceamounts.com

The documentarian and auteur is on the hunt for fresh opportunities to wow viewers. Material that educates, evokes, & reminds. Collaborating with like minded professionals, testing the weight of his experience, and telling stories that rattle the making of process.