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Major: Directing/Producing/Screenwriting

My name is Jonathan Zambrano as it says on my webpage. I have grown up here in Chino Hills California and never moved. I never was into film making until my senior year in high school. I took a photography class and really enjoyed learning how to use a camera and I started capturing lots of images as well as videos. I would even shoot sports profile videos for friends so they could send the video to college scouts to see their techniques and game play in a video. That is when I decided I want to be in the film business. Everywhere I was looking to attend to study film, either was too far, or too expensive. Film Connection has been perfect for my education and as given me everything that I need to succeed. It is up to me now to take on these tools and use them on my own. I am almost half way through the course and it has just been an eye opening experience. I am always learning something new and I will do whatever it takes to become successful the right way. Something I always tell myself is to do is to do everything the best that I possibly can. Once I achieve that, it is my next goal to do it even better. 

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Jonathan Zambrano

Getting closer and closerPosted by Jonathan Zambrano on 2015-09-23

Wow! I am already getting to chapter 19 in the course and working on finishing up the program! Man there has been so much going on! I am currently working on getting another internship for a major tv production company as well as a gig as a videographer! However, working and doing all this is not easy, but this is the path I chose to take and I do not regret it one bit! I pray I get these opportunites to help build a foundation for my future film career! Read More >>