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Tips to make your subject more comfortable Posted on 2016-04-08 by Kim Ferrari

As I was interviewing people for my project, what came up the most was how nervous they were.  When the camera was on they would answer the question but in a really robotic tone.  As soon as the camera was off they would relax.  When they were relaxed, they would say the things that I really wanted to get on camera.  I told my mentor Daniel about what happened and he gave me a couple tips that he does if his subject is nervous.  One thing he does is he'll leave the camera rolling for awhile and then engage in conversation with the interviewee.  After some time they'll forget the camera is even there and they'll open up.  The other trick he does is he'll allow the interviewee to film him and ask him questions.  This allows them to see and understand the process which in turn allows them to relax more about the process.

April 8th, 2016



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