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My name is Loan, and my career goal is to become an excellent film editor. Along with wanting to be a film editor, I also would like to be able to work in post productions, for example being the person behind the camera, setting and tearing down sets, being on the actual shoot, whether it's in a studio or out in the field, or almost any other activitiy behind the scenes. 

I am just starting my lessons in learning the ins and outs of editing, what programs to use and how to use them. Along with that, I am learning how to work a camera, getting to know the different angles and managing the audio, putting small things together in the studio for a shoot the next day, knowing how and why certain things work, and also learning about the time management and patience it takes to work with clients. 

It is unfortunate for me that I do not have any previous experience being apart of any video productions or other videos for that matter, but I am very eager and determined to learn. This is the life I want for myself now and for my future. 

For the past few years, I have had a few jobs here and there to get me by and save up for what and how I want my future in the film industry to be. Currently, I work as a club representative at a casino. I have also been a parking attendant, waitress, sales representative and an usher in a movie theater. All of these jobs have been just that; a job. What I want in my life is a career, one I know i can excel in and love to do for a living. 

There haven't been a lot of things that have peaked my interest throughout my life, except movies. Those are the main things that I absolutely cannot live without. They are tapes that can bring you joy, pain, sorrow, happiness, make you laugh and cry, get scared out of your minds and most importantly, believe in the impossible. Watching movies and learning how they are made peaked my interest a long time ago. It is something I want to be apart of, and one day I will be. I have this absolute determination to succeed in becoming a film editor and to be apart of the entertainment industry. 

Choosing to be a film editor was an easy choice for me. There are so many other things I could learn and become in the entertainment industry, such as a director, producer, writer, etc., but I want to be a film editor. The reason behind that is because I love the idea of being able to take all these shots and putting them together to create the film. Some may think that it is tedious work, because editors have to make sure everything is exactly right, but I love it. This is the career I want to pursue and have for my future. Along with the knowledge of learning and knowing how to work behind the scenes on set.

This road will not be easy, but I will continue to keep an open mind for the things that come ahead. 

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Loan Nguyen

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Loan Nguyen

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