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Double R Saloon - Adrian Buckaroogirl Concert Posted on 2015-05-16 by Loan Nguyen

On this Saturday night, I had the fun and amazing opportunity to go on a small concert shoot out at Double R Saloon just outside of Kerman, CA. It was an exciting night to get to see the concert and how these live shoots work. We set of the Newtek Tricaster to record the concert using four camera shots that included the gopro to get the overview shot of the entire stage and audience. I had a fun time setting up the area rolling out the extension cords to connect all the cameras to the Tricaster, setting up the mic to get the right sound and the gopro up on a small platform to get that overview shot.

There was this funny incident that happened after the concert. It was already late and we were packing everything up into the trailer and truck. One of the camera men almost had a drunk guy knock over one of the cameras, including himself. Good thing the guy gained back his balance as he stumbled to the back in the dark where we had our trailer. It was late and dark and we didn't set up any lights towards the back quite yet. My mentor went to check out the trailer for something and next thing we know, my mentor told us that the drunk guy had peed on our trailer ramp. That is one experience I will never forget. Although I didn't see who this guy was, it is a moment we will talk about whenever we go out on these location shoots. It was an experience to remember. 

Date: 05/09/2015

Time in: 13:00

Time out: 23:30

Lesson #: 13


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