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Wild Water Adventure Park Edit Posted on 2015-05-16 by Loan Nguyen

During this week, and the many weeks to come, we had a couple sessions to edit a commercial for the Wild Water Adventure Park. This is the biggest account we have the privilege of shooting and editing. For now, we used a few of the previous shots that my mentor and his team had taken last year at the park. There are a couple new things going on in the park once it opens, however, it is still undergoing some construction to get the rides up, which is why we used last years shots in the commercial for now to advertise the water park. This process took all day from early morning to later in the evening. This ad, of course like all ads we work on, need to look great and good enough to please the client. I was able to type in and work on a couple of the graphics to have placed in the commercial, and it was quite the interesting experience to have the chance to sit in on this kind of process. It was a bit different than the sit in with Plumbers 911, although basically the same process. 

Date: 05/12-14/2015

Time In: 9:00

Time Out: 18:30

Lesson #: 14

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