Mario FernandezCalifornia Film Connection

Major: Film

Mario Fernandez is a film student at Film Connection, Los Angeles. Has had one year of experience as a camera operator at a church called God's Embassy. During this time at God's Embassy he truly discovered that filmmaking was his one and only passion. Started learning about the art of filmmaking on his own started working on a few individual projects and taught himself as much as possible about the industry and the art. After graduating High School he started working on a short screenplay, and few individual projects until finally was able to enroll with Film Connection. During this time he also showed an interest in photography. Started his own photography label and did a few shoots of his own to help raise money for film school. Art, pencil drawing and painting, is one of his hobbies and one of the reasons he first became interested in the world of filmmaking. What most interests him about film is the opportunity to create something from scratch and be able to entertain people. The idea of creating something in your imagination and being able to put it on film and affect peoples feeling through it. 

The power that an idea can bring is incredible. A thought in your mind can go from a simple thought to some words on a page and eventually into a film that can be shown in a theater and make audiences laugh or cry. Its a feeling like no other and can bring joy and excitement to eveyone.

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