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Week 1 with Dream Team Directors! (1/26/16 - 1/30/16) Posted on 2016-02-24 by Steven Hadrych III

This was an awesome first week working with Daniel Lir! First day working with him, he had me begin working on editing some concert footage from a Spanish concert at The Conga Room. We're making a video pitch out of this to pitch to a few television distributors, so hope everything here goes well. He had me begin editing a 1 minute upbeat clip from the band "El Grand Combo," a band who has been together for 53 years! I'm about halfway through on that, so I should have that piece done by next week. On Friday (Jan 29), we shot some test shots and did a photoshoot with one of the actresses for a short film type of music video. We shot at a hotel in Beverly Hills, and it was fantastic! I helped out with photography, continuity with wardrobe, which was a new experience for me, and also shot a few clips as well. I should mention that this music video is about a love story between two half human/half kangaroos, so when people saw the actress and us walking around, people around the hotel and in their cars were pulling their phones out and taking pictures, and asking us about what this was for. I think someone from BBC was there, and Daniel spoke with him briefly about the project, so hopefully we'll get some good press from this. 

After we wrapped up at the hotel, we went out location scouting for about 4 hours in Downtown LA and Hollywood. We took pictures and tested some shots out on certain locations to get a better feel for the scenes. We'll be doing a little bit more next week as well, and then finalize preproduction and shooting schedule next week!

I'm having some issues posting photos here, but here's a link to some of the photos I took during the test shoot/magazine shoot for the music video, as well as some of our location scouting shots.

Looking forward to next week!


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