Suja ManojCalifornia Film Connection


Hi....I am Suja Daughter of (legendary Dance Director, Director and Producer in South Indian Film Industry) K.S. Raghuram born and brought up in Madras, India have settled in Los Ageles. I started as a stage performer at the age of 5, completed about 500 dance performances all around the world. Was an actor for 4 yrs and worked on 2 soaps (350 episodes each) and also a couple of Indian movies.




Musical Theatre

·       Ramanayam                                        Raghuram        Ragisuga Productions, India

·       Sri Muruga                                          Sarasa               Ragisuga Productions, India

·       That’s Entertainment                            Suja                  Narthanashala Dance, USA

·       Amma Appa Guru Devam                   Raghuram        Jaya TV Productions, India

·       Miss World 1996                                   Kala                 ABCD Productions, India

·       Hariharan Musical Tour                        Kala                 Hariharan Productions,India,Europe,UAE,UK

·       Prashanth Musical Tour                        Kala                 Thagarajan Productions, Singapore,Malaysia,UK

Film and Television

·       Krishnadasi                  Lead Actor                    350 Episode Sitcom        Sun TV Productions, India

·       Chatarangam               Lead Actor                    325 Episode Sitcom        E TV Productions, India

·       Millenium Stars            Lead Actor                    Feature Film                 Jayraj, DIR

·       Manasala Neenae         Supporting Actor          Feature Film                 Sundaram, DIR

·       Eena Meena Deekha    Anchor                         100 Episode Reality       Raghuram, DIR           

·       Manada Maliada          Guest Performance        1 Episode Reality          Kala, DIR

·       Kadhala Kadhala          Dance Director              Feature Film                 Saraswathi Films

·       Little John                    Dance Director              Feature Film                 Media Dreams

·       Savorit                         Lead Model                  Commercial                  Venu Productions

·       Thirubhuvanam           Lead Model                  Commercial/Print         Venu Productions

Education and Training

Bachelors of Arts: English Literature, University of Madras, India

Dance:   Indian Classical Bharathanatyam Arangetrum, Bollywood, Khatak, Mohini, Odessey, Freestyle, hip hop, Salsa,                                       

Assistant Dance Choreography of Raghuram, Kala, Brindha

Assistant Feature Fim Director of Padmashree Kamal Hasan


·       Private Pilot License for Cessna 172

·       TV Production and Commercialization, Photography

·       Authentic Indian Chef with expert culinary skills