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Home stretch Posted on 2014-09-10 by Victoria Bever

Yesterday, I got an email from Alex at film connection asking if I would be interested in editing a music video for someone that approached them looking for an editor.  Once I finished deciding if I was experienced enough to be called an "editor" and freaking out a little bit, I remembered that I have become a pretty capable editor over the past couple months at MIHP.  Even though I still have anxiety every time I start a new project at the studio, I forget that I don't have to do everything on my own like I do with editing projects at the art gallery.  When I work on any footage for my everyday job, the expectation is that it is just for the gallery website and a bunch of footage is dumped into my lap with very little additional instruction.  I am always pretty happy with the finished project when I do something for the gallery, but it does take me a bit longer to get where I'm going.  

I decided early on in my internship that I did not want to relocate to LA permantly, but I did reconnect with a long lost cousin who lives in Redondo Beach and offered an open invitation if I ever need a place to stay.  I am going to talk to the artist who wants me to cut his music video tomorrow morning and the more I think about it, the more I feel like I can do a really good job.  I think it may just take a little while for my confidence to catch up with my capabilities.

On another note, I had a really hard time making a decision about how long I want to extend my internship at MIHP.  It is getting harder and harder to press pause on my life and drive to and from LA twice a week.  There are a lot of responsibilities that have either been neglected or dumped in my fiance's lap for the past six months with the knowledge that it was only a temporary situation.  As much as I enjoy being at MIHP, I don't want to use them as a security blanket because I am afraid of taking the next step.  I made the decision to stay until the end of the month and then its back to normal life.

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