Mary Anne ZamoraCharlotte Film Connection

Major: Screenwriting

Hi, my name is Mary Anne.

I am Documentary and Travel Photographer.

Aspiring Independent Film Screenwriter/Producer/Director.

I want to learn how to take a project from concept to final product - writing, directing, shooting, editing, color correction, even distribution and marketing (learning how to do most of it on my own or with a small, tight-knit, resourceful crew, if necessary). I don't feel that I need to be an expert in all of these processes in order to create something of distinction -- as long as I know enough to be an effective Film and Content Producer and Screenwriter.

I aspire to do more with less - use the smallest camera possible (I am presently shooting with a Panasonic LX100 and a Sony Action Cam AS200V), and use portable lights and a mini audio recorder. Then create the final high end “look” of the video using heavy creative post production.

I have a great love of horror, thriller, and fantasy films.  I am writing one (or two or more) during my time with the Film Connection and beyond.  I have several ideas for music videos and short films I'd like to produce myself, before branching out into my ultimate goal: Narrative Feature Film Production.

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