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Week 4 10/16/2015 Posted on 2015-10-26 by Mary Anne Zamora

This week was very exciting for me (and I believe the entire WestArtVideo team, as well).  Wes and his team invited me to shoot a live performance at The Double Door Inn in Charlotte, featuring local rock goddess Amy Broome and her vastly talented band. When I first met her, she thanked me and our production crew for being there -- and specifically thanked me for shooting still photography also.  I felt very creatively energized as I lost myself in the process of shooting Event Photography once again, something I did before and really truly enjoyed but haven't had the opportunity to do for a very long time.   I am very grateful to Wes Cobb and Shane Combs for allowing me to shoot stills and record a live video performance.  For more than two hours, the artists filled the small venue with their vibrant, energetic beats, and dynamic stage presence.  I felt privileged to have been there and witnessed it, and to have matched the band's musical passions with my own visual/photographic ones.  I've also uploaded some of the music photography I shot on that evening.

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