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Week 8 11/18/2015 Posted on 2015-11-20 by Mary Anne Zamora

This week has taken a bit of a different track for me.  While I am still happily shooting stills and video footage for my upcoming short music video, and tending to my newly created business social media presence, I have also started to think much more seriously about this low budget horror Screenplay that I am preparing to write.  Currently, I am in the planning stage, and my awesome Student Services Advisor Elliot Campos is helping me out by providing me with a list of similarly themed Female-Centered horror movies like The Babadook, Jennifer’s Body, It Follows, Dark Water, etc for study, personal viewing, and research.  These movies are really making me think about some “accessible” cinematic techniques (both performance-wise and technical) that might help me tell an effective story with very limited resources and budgets.  It’s been a while since I’ve felt this creatively "energized” and I am relishing this period of personal and artistic growth.  I’ll be honest, I hope I can stay in this mode for the rest of my career.

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