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Week 9 12/1/2015 Posted on 2015-12-02 by Mary Anne Zamora

So where was I?  Oh yes, lots and lots of stuff happening towards the end of this year.  We just finished our latest pre-production meeting at the WestArtVideo location earlier this evening and we're gearing up to shoot a sequence or two of the short film "Facade" on Saturday, December 5.  I think we are all pretty excited about the possibilities, and the opportunity to just get our feet wet shooting and seeing our story come to life.  I am also eager to start editing the footage; I'm hoping I'll have enough to cut my teeth on a Color Grading/Color Correction project for my reel.  I plan on posting some behind the scenes stills in my gallery. 

I also have other thrilling news -- a friend of mine has founded a brand new Arts/Culture/Music digital magazine focused on the Asian Pacific Islander Community and asked for my help on the digital and social media content production end.  I am happy to give her my support as a remote Video Editor, Blogger, and Assignment Photographer.I'll keep you posted on those new responsibilities as they develop.

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