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Dec 6 Exercise Film Shoot "Facade" Posted on 2015-12-07 by Mary Anne Zamora

We finally did it -- our small Film Connection film collective got together on Dec 6 and shot our first exercise project, "Facade".  The experience was very eye-opening for sure, and I would say that my most important takeaway is just how important the pre-production planning side of the process was.  I am very proud of what we accomplished as a team but I also know that our next exercise will flow smoothly if we actually spent more time in the planning, budgeting, scheduling, and pre-production design phase.  I was able to take a few Behind the Scenes Stills, and posted them to my student blog as I promised.  All in all, I thought the experience served as very good practice for all of us as we begin thinking about our future career goals.

Speaking of career goals, I had my first meeting with Screenwriter/Director John Lafia (director of horror gems such as Child's Play, Child's Play 2, and Man's Best Friend) and I was inspired when he told me that he liked my story idea and thought it was unique and that I had good instincts in my story development.  I was pleasantly surprised when he talked about my concept, and it was SO CLOSE to what I had in my head (even though I didn't really have the chance to mold all the different ideas together yet).   It made me really think that my original plan of writing the feature screenplay, directing a short film based on the concept, and trying to find investors and financing for the project, etc, could actually have a fighting chance of coming together soon.  I'm confident that, moving forward, John will provide me with invaluable advice and guidance in writing this screenplay to the best of my knowledge and abilities.

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