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Session Jan 13 2016 Posted on 2016-01-14 by Mary Anne Zamora

It is almost crunch time for our second film group shoot scheduled for January 23. We all agreed that we would assign deadlines so that everyone can keep on track with the screenwriting, shot lists, props, equipment lists and wardrobe. So far I have been able to adhere to the deadlines despite having my own regular schedule and solo personal projects to deal with as well.

The short film script I wrote, entitled “Overly Attached”, is a dark, atmospheric, psychological horror story with a charismatic and complicated adult female lead who is having trouble separating physically and emotionally from her childhood friend, a creepy lifelike porcelain doll. This doll itself is so compelling that I also consider it to be another character in my film. I ordered the prop from a seller on Etsy and I am awaiting her arrival and hoping she's as cool as she looks on the website. I am meticulously planning and developing my movie idea, aiming to work a lot on the cinematography and editing process to give it a high contrast black and white, film noir-type of look, or 20’s silent German Expressionist style complete with grain, damaged film streaks (projector look), and even black boxes filled with text.

I am excited to start shooting (with the help of my team and mentor) but I know that most likely I will have to plan a much longer shoot for this film once the practice stage is done (and gives me more time to achieve better production design, rehearse the actor, do camera blocking, etc). One of my biggest concerns right now is to find an actress who can fulfill the role with assurance, or I might just end up having to play the role for now, just to meet the deadline. Yikes! :-)

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