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What A Year Posted on 2018-07-25 by Derrick Turnage

As July comes to a close and I’m almost completing the film connection program I’ve experienced something that I never thought I would experience in my wildest dreams. I have amazing mentors that have introduced me to a lot of amazing interns and colleagues  that I’m proud to call collaborators and friends. We’ve met award winning directors, producers, cinematographers etc while working on sets and my knowledge as a filmmaker has increased past what I knew before entering the program. I’m now confident in my abilities as a filmmaker and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to have a foundation to start my career on and I would like to thank everyone from  film connection as well as everyone I’ve met and learned from for helping me jumpstart my career and pushing in the right direction to achieve a life long dream. The journey hasn’t ended it has only begun, I have job opportunities from sets I worked on as a PA and working on getting more freelance work for my own company. Overall I’m happy where I’m at in my career and I could of never done this without Film Connection I highly recommend this program to any and everyone that wants to achieve their dreams! 

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