Markwan J. WileyChicago Film Connection

Major: Screenwriting

 Markwan J. Wiley is a Chicago born native. He attended Steinmetz College prep Highschool, then later, attended Western Illinois University, where he graduated with his Bachelors in The Arts and a minor in Creative Writing. During his journey at W.I.U. he has been apart of numerous Theatre Productions including plays, I Hate Hamlet, Guernica, The Blind, and Scar Tissue... Markwan obtained experience working under various theatre production tasks groups such as acting, crew, costume design and light board operator. During his junior year in undergrad, Markwan landed his first main role in the studio production, Scar Tissue…Where he played as a mentally ill veteran back home from the war, who makes it his mission to uncover the truth behind the deep wounds of his lady heart-surgeon, whom years back lost her daughter to the war in Afghanistan… Markwan’s offer of the role came just after his appearances in two previous minor roles for main show. Since then, Markwan has become awaken to his true passionate calling. He aspires to exercise his creative gifts in the world of filmmaking as a professional actor, film director, screenwriter and producer.  As a current student for The Film Connection, Markwan primarily focuses on screenwriting which he writes various genres.. He\'s  also open to undertake any worthwhile creative group projects along the way with hardwork, dedication and focus.

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