Michael WolfeChicago Film Connection

Major: Film and TV production

I am the creator and producer Michael E Wolfe. My life has taken down paths where I've traveled many roads toward my dreams. My latest dream has me on track to becoming a producer of a game show I've created called INetWars. I have always wanted to be an entertainer of sort and feel this is my calling to create shows and films. Not yet officially trained in the entertainment field, which is why I'm attending Film Connection at this time, I am learning as I strive toward my goal. I have a background in graphic & website design from ICDC in Los Angeles, film production - location scout - office lead - script reader from Gotham Entertainment and charity worker for several different non-profit companies.  I am also a published novelist of, A Key Lost in Time, a novel about a family's love that caused the big bang creating new life and scattering the demons in the dark. But their love is reborn as a group and the darkness and demons want to end it. I love to entertain people and as you can tell I like to do it in more than one way. I plan to continue to follow my dreams and entertain the world with my creations. I hope you will be  an ally in the next chapter of my Bio.  

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