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Major: Film Production & Editing Major

Hello! My name is Alex Willey!

     I am currently working on becoming a well rounded videographer and video editor. I really enjoy working behind the camera. Ever since I was little, I have always had a camera in my hands. Whether it is a film or digital one, it does not matter. Everytime something amazing shows up in front of me, I want to take a record of it. Freezing that moment in time and then letting it slip away is such a beautiful experience, and that is why I want to make it my career. I started making videos my sophmore year of high school. I was in a class called the Bear Creek Television Network. Our job was to create news segments and fun skits for a daily 10 minute show that was broadcast around the entire school. I had so much fun drawing story boards, writing scripts, filming and editing, I really owe it to that class for opening my eyes to the creativity of film. Afer high school, I decided to follow a different creative pursuit: Music Business.

    I attended the University of Colorado Denver for 2 years, learning all about marketing, audio engineering, recording, playing guitar & piano, and delving deep into music theory. I loved it but I was discouraged by the financial debt the schooling was putting me into and by the degree I was working towards not bringing me the income to pay it. I stopped my education there and decided to take a more concrete route to financial stability by becoming an electrician.

    For a year and three months, I worked as an electrical apprentice. I spent time working in a prefabrication shop building electrical boxes, learning how to use all sorts of powertools, and developing my handyman skills. I also spent time working on construction sites. My first project was working with a team that installed all the electricity for a new apartment complex. The experiences I have had as an electrician have given me the knowledge to build DIY Lighting systems for video and photography. I can work on nearly everyhthing that deals with electricity, and being an electrician even gave me the confidence to do some serious mechanic work on my 2003 Ford F150. The electrical work was great finanicially and I now have a fall back if I need it, but I learned that I really need a career that gives me creative freedom. So now I am going back to my roots.

    Camera work is definitely my passion! I love to shoot interesting shots that leave an audience in awe by its beauty. I take pride in my ability to capture what looks pleasing to the eye. I also take pride in my ability to make a shot look even more amazing in post production. I want to entertain people through the creation of my own videos. That is my goal at the end of the day: To produce something that I can be proud of, and that I know will inspire others to push forward in this hard world. I want my viewers to get so involved in my stories, that they use them to forget their own for a short while.

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