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I have recently graduated with an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Multimedia Graphic Design with an emphasis in Digital Video Editing at Pikes Peak Community College.I also supplemented the program with courses in Audio, and Radio and Television.  I am proficient in the Avid Media Composer, Sony Vegas Studio HD Platinum, and Adobe Creative Suite CS6 software products. Although I graduated in the graphic design degree, my main focus was to be a video editior. I have also completed coruses in illustration, color theory, photography, television productions, web design, print design (such as brochures, posters, busniess cards, etc.), flash, After Effects, and Production Design. I am excitied to learn more about video editing and production while being in Film Connections as well as learning from Mr. Lancaster in Castland Productions.


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Michael Jessop

Getting StartedPosted by Michael Jessop on 2015-02-24

Hello everyone, I am just starting my curriculum into Film Connections. I hope to have a great time here and I appreciate all the assistance I can get into starting my carrer path into video editing and production... Read More >>