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Overall Experience So Far Posted on 2018-11-26 by Paul Violette

I am really enjoying working with Sean, I am learning a lot and getting hands on/real work experience in the field. I have realized that when joining the production world you can come across any kind of project. One day you could be working on a ballet play and on another computer you could be working on a rap music video, this all definitely makes things interesting and fun. I cannot wait to see what else this journey brings.

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Paul Violette

Week SevenPosted by Paul Violette on 2018-10-31

After the shoot I got to be a part of I got to watch the editing of it and see everything brought to life, it was definitely a great experience and I cant wait to work on many more projects, the life of shooting and editing is definitely exciting, you never know what you'll see or get to do... Read More >>