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I grew up in a small town where the dream of making movies was deemed unattainable. In small towns the only option for future careers were jobs in healthcare or teaching. So I set forth on a journey to become an RN. After working three years as an RN, I discovered that I still had a burning desire to create really awesome films for the public. The only problem was I still did not know how to achieve my dream. After researching a lot of film schools, I decided on Film Connection. I am just starting my journey, but I have a clear goal ahead and am looking forward to my future in the film industry.

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Amy Austin

9/28-10/4Posted by Amy Austin on 2014-10-11

Making some really good progress on my scene editing. It's been a little bit difficult to make everyone happy, who watches it and gives their opinion, but for myself I am loving the direction it is going in... Read More >>