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A short I directed over the winter just won Best of the Best!! Posted on 2017-07-04 by Rachel Svatos

After being approched by a very young (11yr old) actress I worked with about a year ago about a project she wanted to make, we got into gear last December making a short called Don't Forget Us. She asked me to direct this idea she had about doing a doc-style short on kids' reactions to the election; and how could I refuse with it being such an important time for everyone. So we got together what I would consider my strongest short crew yet in a very short amount of time and made it happen. Since then it has gone on to win Best Short Leangth Film at the Best of the Best festival in LA and has been entered in several other festivals as well. I'm very proud of my cast and crew and couldn't ask for a better young filmmaker to work with. Even though Morgan is years younger than me I still admire and look up to her passion and drive at such a young age that reminds me so much of myself and why I got into this industry in the first place.

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