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A Star is Born... Posted on 2015-02-19 by Jasmine Moravec

Up and at it super early this morning for a shoot in Delray with Andy. It was the second part of the vacuum cleaner infomercial that we had shot a few weeks ago. I showed up early to help set up for the day. We were shooting at a beautiful house on a lake. What's been interesting, is that every shoot I've been on so far has been at a different location, so I've gotten to see a variety of different shooting locations, and see how you set up and work in several different ways.


Today they were shooting in different parts of the house, showing how the vacuum cleaner worked for a variety of tasks. Andy showed me how to set up some of their lights, and what you can do to compensate for different lighting problems. I thought I was going to be watching him work with the camera all day, but I actually ended up on the other side of the camera when Andy volunteered me to be the talent for the day. They were behind schedule for shooting the negative scenes, and the girl they needed wasn’t on location yet, so I was up! (In Andy's words. "A Star Is Born!) I have to say- being in an infomercial was not something I had anticipated when I started this apprenticeship. However, since I’m soooo eager to show my enthusiasm, and willingness to do anything for my mentors, I didn’t exactly feel like I could say no, so there I was- lugging a heavy vacuum cleaner up and down stairs, vacuuming under couches, and pretending to happily clean my chandelier. Not exactly my calling in life, but I’m hoping that my willingness to jump in will mean good things for me down the road. At the very least- I know what kind of vacuum cleaner to look for the next time I have to clean my stairs.

So as lame as I’m sure I was for that commercial (I’ve never claimed to be an actress), I figure- whatever I can do to show that I’m willing to learn, is a good thing. Whether it’s hauling supplies in before the shoot, helping pack up, holding the camera for Andy in between shoots, or pretending to have fun vacuuming light fixtures, it’s all hopefully helping me make baby steps towards my goals.

2-9-15 8:30am-2pm

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