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Catching up on a month Posted on 2015-03-23 by Jasmine Moravec

This is the day I had been waiting for! Andy called me last week and told me there was a shoot in Boynton all day on Friday that would be a great learning opportunity for me. I begged and pleaded for time off of work, and got it! I started to day bright and early at 5am so I could meet Cesar and Andy at 6am at the office. From there, we headed down to Boynton for an all day shoot at a dental office. This office was running a smile makeover competition, and we were going to be interviewing the 20 finalists, and filming their initial examinations with the doctors. I have to say- I was really excited about coming down for this shoot after Andy said it would be such a good learning experience, and although I did enjoy myself during the day, it was not really the learning opportunity I was hoping it would be. I spent most of the day in the hallway peaking into the exam room to watch what Andy was doing, or just hanging with him in between shooting sessions. I did manage to get in a little camera time with one of the other camera operators who was on set, but I suspect that was only because he was a young 20 something, and I was the only girl on set. I was thankful for that little bit of help though. I was encouraged to see that, even after a 12 hour day, I wasn't bored, or completely burnt out. That's a good sign right? 

So today was a bit disappointing, only because I took the entire day off of work, and essentially sat in a hallway for 90% of the day. I was thankful for the time I did have to play with the camera, but that was only about 30 minutes. I think maybe I need to have a chat with Andy and see if there's a way we could get together outside of shoots so I could get more comfortable with the camera when he's not on the clock on set. 

2.27.15 6am-7:30pm

Today at the studio, I spent time watching Paul work on some various editing projects and we got into a long discussion about what makes a good documentary. Paul told me several different stories about various documentaries that they've worked on, and why they did or didn't work. I really think I'd enjoy doing documentary work. That's kind of my goal in all of this- not sure if that's practical or not, but I definitely think that's something I'd like to get into if I can. No real hands-on work today, but I did leave with a list of different documentaries that Paul said I should watch, so that will be good homework for me. Also, my quote of the day comes from something I overheard Paul say to one of his clients on the phone, "Friend anyone who's not a psychopath. You can always de-friend someone who turns out to be a psychopath." Wise words...

3.3.15 9am-2pm


Today was a crazy fast shooting day with Andy. I met him and Cesar at the office at 7am and we set out driving all over Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens doing quick little shoots for a real estate company. We were at several different beach locations, various local restaurants, the local theatre, and a few different shopping centers in Jupiter- all before lunch! We basically drove and parked, jumped out and shot- Andy on the camera, and Cesar manning the drone- and hopped in the car to get to the next location. I think there were 22 different locations on the list when we started in the morning, so it was a pretty ambitious shooting schedule. Today was a bit of a disappointment again, because, although I really enjoy getting to hang out with Andy and watch him work, I don't really feel like I'm learning much with these "get in, shoot, get out" schedules. I feel like I need at least a little bit of time to be able to use the camera when he's not in such a hurry. I'm doing my best though to try and be helpful to him whenever I'm along, and learn whatever I can by watching. I feel bad too, because I feel like Andy really would rather just be surfing than working, and so I feel a little silly showing up with my excitement and eagerness to learn, when the only vibe I'm getting from them is that they can't wait to be done. Obviously, it's different when it's your job, but I'm just trying to figure out where I fit in all of this. Regardless, it was a nice day to get out and see parts of Jupiter that I haven't seen before, and it was fun getting to launch the drone a few times with Cesar. 

3.10.15 7am-2pm

Yesterday Paul emailed me saying he had a project for me at the studio, which of course was exciting to me, but when I showed up at the office, I found out he was out on vacation, and the project was just ripping DVDs for a client. Not the most learning-efficient week for #jasminetheapprentice! Better luck next week, I hope. 

3.12.15 1:40-4:30pm

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