Joseph LamiaFlorida Film Connection

Major: Film

I have been a fan of film ever since I was five years old. As a kid, I would often take my video camera and film whenever my friends came over. I've made a Western series of film, a spin-off of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and an episodic series of the Bioncle franchise that went unfinished. Suffice to say, they were pretty bad looking back at the tapes, but it was a lot of fun making them. When I got to high school, they weren't many options for me to any thing film related. I did short video projects of The Crucible and Beowulf for English class. In college, I started interning with my local news channel and 02 Media Inc. and getting hands-on experience with camera work, floor directing, and learning about the television business. With my free time, I stage managed a few theatre plays at Florida Atlantic University's theatre department for a couple years. When I graduated from in August of last year, I got an interview for a camera operator position and after I didn't get the job, I decided to hone my craft and get involved in the Film Connection program and I'm currently an apprentice at Ko-Mar Productions.

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