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Day 19 of Film Connection Posted on 2013-12-14 by Aaron Lenyear

Date of Session: 12/13/13

Time in: 1:00

Time out: 3:00

Lesson #: 19

Today, in Film Connection, we discussed pre-production in further detail. We just talked more about the preparation that a director has to do before shooting starts. Then we digressed a bit and started to talk about Oscar snubs since the year is coming to a close. 

Then we talked about doing the 48 Hour Film Festival. We were thinking that we could get some of the other students from Film Connection to come together and participate in the contest. It seems like a good idea. We could all work on this project and find out what our strengths are as filmmakers. I feel like I am a very strong writer, so I really look forward to co-write the project (that's if we do it). We have someone with a high quality camera, someone who is very skilled with a camera and two people who have completed feature-length screenplays. All we need are actors. 

I have been working on my screenplay a lot lately and, I know this is starting to become a constant point in my blogs but, I need to finish this soon because I feel like it is well-written. I have spent countless hours trying to perfect every scene, line of dialogue, letter. I have put my life into this project and I believe it is really good at this point.

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