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Day 20 of Film Connection Posted on 2013-12-20 by Aaron Lenyear

Date of Session: 12/17/13

Time in: 10:30

Time out: 12:30

Lesson #: 20

In Film Connection today, we discussed pre-production and actually finished the lesson on pre-production. We just talked more about what a director needs to prepare so he or she can have the most efficient production possible. We also talked about casting. My mentor says you do 80% of directing an actor in casting if you do it properly. There is a certain mark you want that actor to hit in casting that measures whether or not he or she will be suitable for the role. 

Then we talked about me bringing in the new camera I am getting. He says that we will be able to use it during our sessions and he will teach me everything he knows about it. I believe this is one of the most helpful parts of Film Connection. My director wrote the chapter on the camera in the Film Connection book, so I know he has extensive knowledge on the subject.

I have also been working on my screenplay a lot more. I have cut out all scenes that do not contribute to the story. I have also developed secondary characters more and added scenes that make the story stronger. I have sent my most recent draft to my screenwriting mentor. Hopefully I have improved the screenplay.


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