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Two Documentaries Posted on 2016-09-24 by Devontte Decaul

I previously was honored to work on a documentary with two of my peers, it was about the nonprofit bird labeling organization on Jykell Island. I was in charge of audio and I did pretty well with no background noise in the audio. Also I was able to Pa another documentary with my mentor. This was about a land fills and how their using trash for the better, and helping the worlds pollution probelms. We shot using the Red Raven camera which is an amazing piece of eqipment by the way.Both incredible experiences and I'm learning more about film everyday. 

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Devontte Decaul

DpPosted by Devontte Decaul on 2016-10-13

I have been getting a lot of shooting done recently being the Dp of one of my peers projects. In my opinion being a dp means you must be very vocal also listening to the director to get the best story on camera... Read More >>