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Nightbird Posted on 2017-09-12 by Jason Reinhardt

8/25 - 8/27 Thanks to some friends I met from my time at Terminus, back in June, I was offered a Grip job on a short film. I worked under the gaffer, who was also the key grip and electrician, so you could say he had his hands full. Our first day was at a house that was donated for the film. At one point we had five lights up to simulate a morning glow, but once we had it set up we had a lot of free time. I took those breaks to do some basic P.A. task; pick up trash, give water to crew and lend a hand whenever it was needed. During one take, the A.C. was away from the camera doing electronic focusing, but the scenes still needed to be slated. The lucky person who got to step in was yours truly. I can now say that slating is one of my favorite jobs.

The second and third days were spent at a new location. An apartment, and once the A/C was turned off, for audio. That one bed/ bath was nice and toasty in no time. Everyone was happy when I came around with water bottles. In fact, I was given the title 'waterboy', but I was happy about that because I was doing a small task that was keeping the mood of the room positive, and of coure I thought about the movie starring Adam Sandler.

The weekend wasn't all that great. On the second day, when moving the grip cart I scrapped a cabinet. My joy switched to worry real fast, but I knew I had to do the right thing. I emailed the producer that evening apologizing and offering to repair the damage. Luckily the producer was understanding. The problem was resolved and I learned from my mistake. If you mess up, own up to it. The sooner, the better because it can be fixed. You might get off lucky, yelled at or even fired, but as long as you learn and show responsibility someone will notice and it won't be the end of it all. Just a new beginning.

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