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My First Commercial Posted on 2017-10-09 by Jason Reinhardt

09/25 - 09/26 Right after my Pinewood Job I was contacted for a BB&T commerical. It would be my first commerical, but I felt equiped and ready to give it a shot. It was a two day shoot. One prep and the other filming. I arrived 30 minutes early (always try to do so. It makes you look more professional), but once I was given a rundown of what the plans we ran into a problem. The producer wanted me to rent a truck and trailer. Only problem was you have to be atleast 21 to do so...

Luckily we got a plan together and someone else was able to do so, but I somehow ended up driving it for the two days (oh irony). Sure I hadn't driven a truck or a trailer before, but with a cool head I figured it out and no one was the wiser (this is our little secret). That said. If you're ever asked to do something you don't have any experience with let them know because it's not just your life and wallet you're putting on the line (and yes I did tell the producer I had never done it before, but I was willing to try).

The second day I was on location as a set P.A. I helped Grips and Gaffers unload equipement and setup, helped camera get power for batteries and as always I was on my feet lending a helping hand or simply a water bottle where I could.

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