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Week 2 with my Mentor Steve Carmichael Posted on 2014-04-02 by Shameka Cole

Ok so it's week 2 of my Apprenticeship with my Mentor Steve Carmichael at Radient 3 Productions in Atlanta, GA. 

We are discussing Film History, which is very interesting to me, I like to know when, where and with whom film started. Steve Carmichael is the perfect person to teach this lesson because he has so much history in film and the movie industry. There were many history facts that wowed me. There were 2 facts that raised my eye brows.

The first fact was to learn the first film ever created was actually captured on a camera and not a camcorder. A train of snap shot pictures was considered the first film ever. The second fact, was to learn the first reality show was filmed in the 1900's, by French cinematographers The Lumiere Brothers. They set out to film on a busy street and capture regular people living their regular lives day by day.

We also discussed the importance of Lighting!!!! I think I finally got the complete understanding of the importance of correct lighting for any production.  The 3 basic lights for a production is the Key, Fill and Backlight...finally knowing what that means is a relief. Knowing these things make me better equipped to shoot a short film very soon.

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