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I am originally from Fremont, California, which used to be called a "sleepy bedroom community" 45 minutes southeast of San Francisco. Today it is a bustling part of the Silicon Valley. When I was growing up it was cool because different iconic movies were filmed there such as Purple Haze, George Lucas sequel to American Graffiti. In fact when I was in high school in the early 80's they filmed this at the no longer existent but famous Fremont drag strip. I used to walk car and motorcycle races there with my brothers. Another interested fact about my hometown is Niles Canyon is the original film industry started in the silent film era with Charlie Chaplin movies. In fact today, there is a museum dedicated to him and an annual parade and look alike contest.

I majored in Communications in college with an emphasis on Journalism and Broadcasting back in the 80's. I was on college newspaper staff as well as the college TV news show in various roles; camera, asst. technical director running the teleprompter and such. I even did a short intern stint at KTVU in Oakland. When I moved to L.A. in 1986 I gave my try and acting, hired an agency in Beverly Hills, and tried out for different movies and commercials and even modeling; with little money and little success; but I dont regret it! It was fun trying and it brought me good memories. I even made extra money doing singing telegrams.

I have also enjoyed writing. When I was a little boy I enjoyed writing my own comic series about my dog Bingo. When I was in high school I wrote a radio show and helped my friend to co-produce a student film with fighting scenes and racing muscle cars.

Today, I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my beautiful 2nd wife from Colombia, and my two older teenage boys from my first marriage. I wanted to take this course to fulfill my long time passion for creative expression through the art of film making.

Cheers, SBC

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Steven Carpenter

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That's right! After starting last May 2015 I finally finished EVERTHING! I completed my script Sept. 19th, attended a film production class in October, my sizzle reel and pitch in November, and now my final lesson 21 today! I look forward to receiving my Film Connection, writing, directing and producing certificate! Read More >>