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Waikiki - 3rd Day Posted on 2017-05-12 by Rachel Pang

April 30th, I went to Chinatown to help with the last scene of the night.they had an officer block off the road that night because they were filming a scene on the street where the main character and her boyfriend get in a fight and she drives off in her van and almost runs him over. They needed help with wrapping up and watching the equipment because theres a lot of homeless that walk right through and they wanted to make sure everything was safe. Once they were almost done I started cleaning up so we could get out faster because everyone was getting tired, it was about 12am.

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Rachel Pang

Waikiki - 4th DayPosted by Rachel Pang on 2017-05-12

May 8th, they were filming in the same location as my first day on set in Kakaako. As soon as I got to set they told me and another PA that they wanted us to keep a look out for the Waikiki Trolley... Read More >>