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Waikiki - 5th Day Posted on 2017-05-12 by Rachel Pang

May 9th, We all carpooled to Kalihi to this diner were they were going to film. We waited for about an hour until we found couldnt film there anymore. Luckily, there was a bbq place walking distance from the diner that allowed us to use their joint. While they were setting up I took everyones order for lunch and made sure everyone was good. They didn't start filming till about 5 and then they needed pancakes so I had to find a place that was still selling pancakes for the scene. Once I got back the Script Supervisor taught me how to slate. I was nervous slating because the first time I ever slated it didnt go well and everyone is watching, even the camera, but this time it went a lot better. We wrapped at about 9.

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