Anthony HaleckiHouston Film Connection

Major: Video Editing

My name is Anthony Halecki. I graduated High School in 2011 from Quest High School with a B average. I attended two differend community colleges, which where Bakersfield Community College and LoneStar Community College. I took a industrial drawing class while out at Bakersfield Commuinty College. I am currently watching tutorials on how to use Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects. As I progress throu this program I hope to be able to also learn about not just video editing and production but motion graphic editing as well.

I have really only worked a few part-time jobs in my life. They where all minimum wage jobs. As far, as video editing goes, I have really not done to much as of now. I have only edited one video by my self completely, but will be working with my mentors editor on some footage we shot awhile ago. But as I keep on progressing through my time with my mentor I will keep on posting every single one of the videos I have edited or have helped out in. And the videos I helped out in I will say which parts I edited so that way there will be no confusion.

There are countles major things I like about video editing. One of the things I like the most would be how in video editing you get to see the raw footage that no one else see's. There is also the fact that you always need to attention to the videos in case something hasn't been color corrected, so that way the screen won't look for example blue. Another thing I like is how you get to see what makes movies look so good, because in my opinion without the editors movies would be horrible. It's really nice to be able to know what makes everything really work.

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